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Kingdom Impact Fast

The Why:

We believe God is beginning to move in a powerful way this year.  We see a connection between Putty speaking at the Vineyard Leadership Conference in the UK and the powerful, prophetic words we have been given as church. We believe God will transform the lives of individuals and our communities. We also believe that the Reverb Youth and More Love More Power conferences will be significant gaterhings in this move. In response, we are encouraging each person to seek God and ask Him how to partner with His move through fasting and prayer.  

The What:

We are inviting everyone in the church to join us in a fast anytime between January 27th - February 27th. It's important to note that fasting doesn’t make you more holy, and it’s not a way to “get something” from God.  Fasting isn’t a magic pill that makes us more like God or compels God to move. Fasting DOES help us receive things from God. By intentionally sacrificing time, attention and sometimes some of our creature comforts, it can make us more receptive to Him, softening our hearts, increasing our faith and make us more sensitive to His voice.  Even though God is pouring out a lot for us, we still want to be faithful to what He is doing by being intentional about receiving from Him.

The How:

There are endless ways to fast. You could fast for the whole month or join us for a week, weekend, or just a day.  It’s about being faithful to what God is calling you to. The classical way to fast would be no food and only water, but it doesn’t have to look like that.  Below are some suggestions. Please ask God how He would like you to respond.

The most important thing about fasting is not that we focus on cutting something out of our lives for a time, but that you are feasting on God for a time.  Please don’t just remove something from your life, try to fill your life with more God, and if He is asking you to lay down something for a time then it is about obedience to Him.  

Some suggestions in areas of Fasting:

  • Dietary: Consider fasting from an entire food group such as dairy, meats, or sugars. Or you could give up solid foods to do a juice/broth fast. The Daniel Fast is very popular if you are interested you can find out more here:
  • Entertainment: Fast the time you normally spend watching television, movies, on social media, or other forms of entertainment.  
  • Life Habits: Abstain from non-essential shopping, limit the number of activities you partake in to spend more time with God. Reserve certain times throughout the day to engage with God.

Some suggestions for ways to Feast with God:

  • Spend more reading the Bible with the Holy Spirit looking for truth
  • Spend more time engaging in worship
  • Spend more time in prayer and engaging with Jesus
  • Spend more time journaling; have a conversation with God

Also, we have created a prayer schedule if you would like some direction of things to pray about during your fast.  If you are fasting for multiple weeks, just keep going through the week schedule repetitively.

The When:

The dates of the fast are January 27th - February 27th.  Here are some key events that are happening over the course of the fast that we would appreciate if you would lift up in prayer too:

  • Putty speaking at National Leaders Conference UK (Jan 29th-31th)
  • Reverb (Feb 15-17th)
  • More Love More Power 2019 (Feb 27th - March 2nd)

Resources on fasting:

Click on tabs across the top of the page about fasting basics, types of fasts, and fasting tips.

Download Fast Guide