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Our Team Approach

Our Team Approach


Church Multiplication Model

The Vineyard Church has a vision to provide many types of church expressions throughout Central Illinois and beyond. This includes our founding church in Urbanachurch plants, multi-sites (Sullivan and Bloomington-Normal), Hub communities (Mahomet), and micro-sites (VineyardLIVE groups).

Throughout the US, growing church models traditionally begin with an original founding church. The founding church brings established years of service with considerable size, scope, and potential. They also provide a major portion of the blueprint to programming and resources throughout the respective organization. The Urbana Campus (launched in 1978) serves as our founding church.

Since 2000, our Vineyard church plants were launched across areas of Illinois and the Midwest. Each church plant has a powerful story in how they began. We provided each church plant team with resources to establish an entirely new Vineyard Church (member of the VUSA movement) in a new location. 

For nearly a decade, multi-sites/campuses have served many Central Illinois communities. We have recognized that our multi-sites thrive when they are connecting with a community at least 30 or more miles away from the founding church. This provides clear distinction between the founding church and the multi-site. Our leadership team throughout all locations serve and plan together weekly providing aligned themed weekend experiences both in video streamed from the founding church and live in-person preaching from the multi-site/campus pastor. Each site also provides core programming (children through adult).

Two new church expressions are Hubs and Micro-sites. Simply put, Hubs are Kingdom communities that are strategically placed throughout Central Illinois focusing on putting resources into developing relationships and community, rather than a physical building location. Micro-sites, sometimes called pocket churches, can be described, as VineyardLIVE Groups.  They are generally groups of 10-50 participants in outlying areas meeting weekly.  They stream our weekend service (via VineyardLIVE) and will be given tools for community ministry and programming based upon their setting.

Preaching Team Philosophy

At the Vineyard, we have been team-preaching since we began over 35 years ago, and we find this to have several important advantages.

  • First, we are not a personality-driven church family with only one person’s voice that is heard. We are fond of saying that Jesus is the Head, and we want people to be attracted to Him and hear His voice through a variety of speakers.
  • Second, we think having a team gives our listeners an opportunity to hear different approaches to God’s word since each speaker has a unique style and gift, whether that is apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching, or pastoral.
  • Third, our team encourages and helps one another to hear from God, grow in preaching skills and to bring the most passionate, powerful messages so people’s lives are transformed through the presence of the Spirit.