Vineyard Care / Support Recovery

Vineyard Care / Support Recovery

Support | Recovery programs are offered throughout the year. A collection of courses are offered that may include some of the following courses:


DivorceCare is a support group for individuals who are currently going through a separation or divorce or have gone through one in the past.



GriefShare is for individuals experiencing grief. This is a program for those who have lost loved ones in death. There is a workbook included, which costs $15. We will view a DVD segment each week which includes physicians, physiologists, social workers and experiences of those who have lost loved ones. We do have a “small group” discussion to express our feelings or concerns to receive prayer and encouragement from fellow session members.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a small group that focuses on teachings that help us grow in our identity, sonship, and righteousness in Jesus. Scripturally based, we believe God’s truth will set us free from past hurts, as well as emotional, spiritual, and physical attachments and addictions. We learn how to recognize and replace false belief systems and lies with Scriptural truth.

Please check the events page to see which courses are currently offered.