Values & Beliefs

Values & Beliefs

This core purpose comes out of a combination of what God has called us to be and what He has called us to do.

  • God has called us to be: Righteous sons and daughters filled with His Holy Spirit.
  • God has called us to do: Extend the Kingdom of God (Jesus’ manifest rule on earth) and launch others into their Kingdom destiny.

The Core Values describe our corporate identity. It is who we are and what we celebrate as a community.



We see ourselves as the first opportunity to live out the excellence found in the Kingdom of God.

We take ownership and responsibility over our own lives both personally and professionally. We value ourselves and take measures with God for self-care and personal improvement.


Our goal is to be the best we can in a way that we can proudly show to our heavenly Father.

We bring the same intentionality and creativity to our work that we have for ourselves. What we do is thoughtful and structured. We are relevant, and create an appealing atmosphere in all aspects of what we do.

Missional Leadership


Leadership begins with God depositing vision and purpose in the leader’s heart.

We don’t lead out of our own vision building our own kingdom. True leadership starts with God’s call and vision to future in the Kingdom of God.


Leaders take the God given deposits and run with them.

We lead out of who God has made us; we don’t try to be someone else. With integrity to stay true to ourselves even when the road is challenging.


Leadership results in true change; leadership isn’t management.

We are pioneers who take initiative to go boldly forward to the destiny God has called us. The results of this leadership are lives being transformed and in creative action.



Our hearts are connected as we do life together.

We are all on a journey together. Our mission flows from the family relationships we have with each other. We put the family first - above any one of us. We all have responsibility to the family. Our hearts are open towards each other. We do conflict with an understanding that we are brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to each other.


We aren’t just members of a team, we work together as a team.

We collaborate, specialize, and understand where we are gifted. Together, we seek to make the best contribution while we leaning on others where they are better. We are for each other, sharing wins and losses together as a team.

Supernatural Breakthrough


We love and expect to see God intersect and change people’s lives.

We have an ongoing dynamic relationship with a God who speaks and acts. With Him, nothing is impossible. The supernatural is an integrated part of our normal lives and one mark of Christian maturity.


We expect the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit corporately.

We will develop and plan with excellence while retaining an expectation that God will direct and change our plans. We will be flexible to do so as He leads and follow His Spirit.