Our Team Approach

Our Team Approach


Multi-Site Strategy

Multi-Campus churches combine the advantages of large and small churches. You can have the strong leadership, quality training, and superb programming of a large church organization while maintaining close, personal connection with each other and pastors.  We have found that this structure cultivates an environment that attests to a greater satisfaction within our church community, and involvement in multiple cities is leading even more people to Christ.  Because of this ability to have closer connection and impact, there are now more multi-campus churches than there are mega-churches all across our country.

The Vineyard Church is a multiple campus church; or as we like to say "we are one church in many locations."  The Vineyard Church Urbana started in 1978 and opened our second campus in Sullivan in 2009. As of 2017, we now have four Campus locations with recent openings in Mahomet and Bloomington-Normal.

One of the many advantages of being a multi-campus church is that it opens the door to additional leadership opportunities. Every campus has a Campus Pastor, Worship Director, and Kingdom Kids Director, along with youth, small group, and outreach leaders. As each of our campuses grow, our opportunities to serve increase as well. Your local campus could be needing the gifting that God has created in you!

Preaching Team Philosophy

At the Vineyard, we have been team-preaching since we began over 35 years ago, and we find this to have several important advantages.

  • First, we are not a personality-driven church family with only one person’s voice that is heard. We are fond of saying that Jesus is the Head, and we want people to be attracted to Him and hear His voice through a variety of speakers.
  • Second, we think having a team gives our listeners an opportunity to hear different approaches to God’s word since each speaker has a unique style and gift, whether that is apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching, or pastoral.
  • Third, our team encourages and helps one another to hear from God, grow in preaching skills and to bring the most passionate, powerful messages so people’s lives are transformed through the presence of the Spirit.